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Sustainability with Beal

100% of Beal Homes are A / B Energy rated. The Home Builders Federation’s latest report highlights that with recent energy prices rising, new build homes can offer savings of up to £3117 a year!

Our Homes

Beal buyers can be sure of owning an energy-efficient home of exceptional quality. A home that is economical to run and built to housebuilding industry sustainability benchmarks.

With Beal, your new home is designed, built and equipped to be luxurious and comfortable to live in, as well as kind to the environment.

Our aim is biodiversity net gain – wherever we build, we aim to leave the natural environment in a better state than it was before development. Across our developments, you can see how our homes integrate with, and enhance, the local landscape.


of new trees planted throughout our developments


Beal homes are A/B EPC rating

£0 a year

Possible savings on your new homes energy bills


Our Developments

All our developments are carefully designed, developed and built to create desirable new communities that enhance the local landscape.

We’re proud of our unrivalled reputation for award-winning developments that stand out for the quality of the homes, mix of house types, attractive street scenes and extensive landscaping.

Beal developments are created to be beautiful today and into the future; to stand the test of time as places where people love to live, for generations to come.


Our Communities

We’re proud of our reputation for creating attractive, sustainable new communities where people love to live.

As a local, family-owned company, we support the local community, charities and good causes wherever we build.

It’s all part of our commitment to make a lasting positive difference to local people and places, above and beyond the investment we make in building much-needed homes in desirable new neighbourhoods.