My Beal Home

‘We love the location and the whole way of life’

We caught up with Lyndsay and Mark Preston, who moved from a large house in Hedon to a two-bedroom home in the Fruit Market, with everything they need on their doorstep.

Tell us about your Beal home and why you love it so much.

Our two-storey home is completely unique to us. We had walls taken out and walls put in to suit what we wanted, it’s really well designed.

We used to visit Humber Street and Hull Marina a lot and now we live where we used to socialise.

We love the location and the whole way of life here.

We originally came here with two cars, but we sold one because Mark can walk to work and everything is on our doorstep – it suits us so well.

We also have three dogs and it’s a great area for dog-walking.

What are the best things about being part of the community at the Fruit Market?

We’ve made lots of friends already. The people here are very sociable and we all look out for each other.

We all come from different walks of life and different parts of the country but everyone is warm and friendly and we go for a drink together.

It is also very safe and secure.

Above: Lyndsay and Mark Preston in their contemporary new townhouse in Hull’s exciting Fruit Market neighbourhood.

How did you find the service from Beal?


In the run-up to moving into our home, the team let us come back to look at everything many times. They had so many ideas which we took on board.

We really enjoyed the day of the selection process. Beal could see the vision we had for our house and supported and encouraged it, which was great.

How did Beal help you through the buying process?

They were very responsive when we had questions and replied straight away.

We had already sold our house in Hedon before our new home was ready and they helped us to rent through Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Developments on a short-term let, which was also brilliant.

Above: Lyndsay and Mark enjoy walking their three dogs, Tilly, Lola and Benji, around Hull Marina and Humber Street.

How have the Beal team helped you to make your home a perfect fit for your lifestyle and tastes?

We changed and upgraded our radiators and had the choice of upgrading the bathroom and wardrobes, so it feels completely bespoke. No two homes are alike in the Fruit Market.

There is so much choice in the range, including hundreds of kitchen styles and floors.

Taking a wall out has given us a different layout and every room has huge windows, so it feels really light and airy. We absolutely love it.

What would you say to other househunters about buying a Beal home?

Just do it. I saw a lady and gentleman walking around with a brochure recently and I told them they should do it. They won’t have any regrets.

It was a gamble for us to move to a totally different style house, but it has paid off. It’s all pros and no cons.

Photos by R&R Studio