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Customers experience the Beal Design Lounge wow factor

Scores of excited Beal buyers and would-be customers have been treated to VIP tours of our fabulous new Design Lounge.

Customers who have reserved a new Beal home and househunters considering a move to one of our luxury developments were among the first guests to experience our new showroom-style home design centre.

The Design Lounge is the star attraction of our new, state-of-the-art head office and has been created to offer homebuyers an unrivalled customer service experience.

Sales team pose for photos
Members of our sales team welcomed dozens of Beal buyers and would-be customers to VIP tours of our fabulous new Design Lounge.

The stunning space features hundreds of high-end options for buyers to customise the layout and features of their new home and make it truly one of a kind.

Dedicated to bringing each buyer’s vision for their new home to life, the Design Lounge is where customers can experience the multitude of choices available, supported by our expert in-house team of designers.

An Instagram-friendly backdrop
At the end of their main selections day, buyers can pose with photos against an Instagram-friendly backdrop featuring samples of their choices for their dream new home.

Homebuyers who came to the Design Lounge customers weekend at our head office in Hessle, East Yorkshire, said the showpiece facility had the wow factor and they were amazed by the vast array of options available.

Abiee Wilmore and Luke Haymes were among the first guests to experience our new showroom-style home design centre.

Abiee Wilmore, 27, an accountant, and IT Manager Luke Haymes, 28, have reserved a five-bedroom Runswick home at our West Hill II development in Kirk Ella, East Yorkshire. They were thrilled to enjoy an early preview of the options they will be able to choose from during their selections day.

Abiee said: “The Design Lounge is absolutely incredible – it’s stunning. It’s brilliant to see all the options and to be given the freedom to wander around at your own pace to experience it all.

“With the big national builders you buy a house type and the layout is fixed and the options are limited. With Beal, you get the flexibility to do what you want to do with your home.

“I loved being able to see that there are so many options in the kitchen alone and I enjoyed playing with them, including the Neff slide and hide oven door. It’s given us so many ideas – in fact, it was a bit overwhelming at times.

“The new building and the Design Lounge are such an asset for Beal. We live nearby in Hessle, so we’ve seen the building take shape as we’ve driven past, and it’s really nice that we’ve been able to come here and be among the first customers to experience it.”

John Moran and Sandra Devine are relocating from Leeds to our St Mary’s View development in Beverley.

John Moran and Sandra Devine are relocating from Leeds to our popular St Mary’s View development.

John is a retired Telecommunications Engineer and Sandra a civil servant. Ready for the next chapter of their lives, the couple are buying a four-bedroom Hilton home at our sought-after development in Beverley.

After their tour of the Design Lounge, John gave his verdict. “It’s mind-boggling,” he said. “It’s a fantastic facility for Beal’s customers and a lovely environment to visit and look around.

“The choice is overwhelming really, but it will be enjoyable to make our selections. It’s been a valuable experience to have this preview – we can take away a lot of ideas from today.”

Sandra added: “We were told that no two Beal homes are the same, but we didn’t fully appreciate just how much choice is available until we had a look around. We’ve now got lots to mull over.

“It’s amazing how much you can change, but I guess that’s why you get two appointments in the Design Lounge, including a full day to finalise your selections.”

Mary Sharpe is looking forward to moving into her new home at The Greenways in Goole this summer.

First-time buyer Mary Sharpe, 25, reserved her two-bedroom Stokesley home at our The Greenways development in Goole in December and is looking forward to moving in this summer.

She said: “The Design Lounge is great. I like that you can see everything in one place and there is so much to choose from. When I reserved my house, I didn’t realise there were so many options available.

“I’m already planning my changes, but it’s given me lots more ideas. It’s really exciting – it’s the fun bit about buying a house.”

Charlie and Kormak Appleton loved their Design Lounge preview. The couple are buying a two-bedroom Tribeca home.

First-time buyers Charlie Appleton, 27, a BBC journalist, and husband Kormak, 26, a Customer Service Manager, are buying a two-bedroom Tribeca property at The Greenways and loved their Design Lounge preview.

Charlie said: “It’s great how interactive the experience is. You can pick your doors, handles, worktops and everything else and put it all together.

“It’s much better to be able to do that physically, rather than just to see pictures on a screen or in a brochure. We’ve been able to look at what the options are, take photos and go home and think about everything before we have our selections day.”

A customer on a tour of our new Design Lounge.
The Design Lounge is the star attraction of our new, state-of-the-art head office, created to offer homebuyers an amazing customer service experience.

Beal Sales Operations Manager Jamie Barrington said: “The Design Lounge customers weekend was a great success and it was lovely to meet so many Beal buyers and househunters who are looking at buying a brand-new Beal home.

“Without exception, every visitor was so impressed with the Design Lounge, our unique offering and the exceptional customer service we provide, which we have now taken to another level with this superb new facility.

“Our own new home is now open seven days a week and we’re welcoming people in on a daily basis to discover how you get so much more from buying Beal.”

Househunters can take a virtual tour of our developments using the latest interactive digital technology.

Emma Midwood, our Selections Design Manager, said: “We absolutely love the new Design Lounge and it’s clear our customers do too!

“We really enjoyed showing customers around and explaining how we work with Beal buyers to bring their vision for their own bespoke dream home to life.”

Beal buyers enjoy an extraordinary range of opportunities to personalise their home.
  • Our new head office and Design Lounge are open seven days a week for househunters to pop in and find out about our luxury developments and house types, as well as our uniquely-personal home design service. Find us at Bridgehead business park, Hessle, East Yorkshire HU13 0GW. If you’re looking for a new home, come on in!
  • For more information on how you get so much more with a Beal home, click here.