West Hill buyers find their dream location


Joanne and Richard Munkley love the diverse community they’ve joined at West Hill. The location offers the perfect mix of tranquility and access to the city, and their five-bedroom Harwood provides generous space for their four children to enjoy.

We visited them in their new home to find out how they’ve settled in and what life is like at West Hill. Here’s what they had to say...

Tell us about your Beal home and why you love it so much.

“We bought a five-bedroom Harwood property because we have four children and wanted a big house for our growing family. We used to live on a busy road and wanted a nice big family home where the children can play safely, and we found this at West Hill.”

What’s the best thing about living at West Hill?

“We’re close to shops and the road network, which helps with Richard’s commute to work.

But we also look out onto a field, so we see deer and foxes, and we have a bat box on our house, so it also has a country feel. Everyone we’ve spoken to here has the same dreams as us and reasons for living at West Hill. It’s a really nice, diverse community and we’ve made lots of new friends.”


Why did you choose to buy from Beal?

“We chose Beal because of the value for money they offer. What comes as standard in this house, and how we were able to change things, would not have been possible with other builders. The team has been so helpful and patient. They made the whole process easier.”

How have you tailored your Beal home to suit your tastes?

“When we reserved the house, we thought one of the bedrooms would be a playroom and our three children would have a room each. Then when we found out we were expecting our fourth child, Beal were the first people we told so we could change it into a bedroom! They were really accommodating.”

How would you rate the customer service you have received?

“Sometimes, when you buy something, the customer care isn’t what it should be. What you expect is not always what you get. That certainly isn’t the case with Beal. They deal with things promptly and help you every step of the way.”

What would you say to other house-hunters about buying a Beal home?

“Do it! Have a look around and compare Beal to other builders. Then you’ll really see what value you get for your money and what good quality Beal offers. Without comparing, you just don’t appreciate what you get.”