The Copper Trend: A Metal Movement

Interior Design

A trendy person like yourself (*blushes*), will surely be wanting to keep up with the most significant of movements in the interior design sphere. Correct? We thought so. Welcome to the latest trend in home design - Copper.

Back in 2015, (at the Oscars of the paint world), Dulux announced its paint colour of the year as ‘Copper Blush’, setting a tone, many felt, for the copper trend’s reemergence as a superpower of interior design. And - here we are. It seems the metal truly is ‘taking over’ (not in the sense of the robot revolution - they’ll surely come for us all later).

The beauty which many have discovered with copper as a staple part of their home is its subtlety. Whilst not offering the ‘flashy’ surface of many other metals who’ve seen popularity in the last few years, copper oozes a modern vibe, whilst also retaining the traditional theme which its natural roots demand.

The fact that it’s a metal nobody would be unable to recognise also means an added benefit of familiarity, from which grows warmth and a cosy atmosphere in the home. Essentially, there’s not a great deal Copper doesn’t do. It’s a metal whose versatility has surely guaranteed a trend which is ‘going the distance’.

“WHERE IN THE HOME SHOULD I USE IT?” We hear you ask. The answer? Anywhere. There’s just about no place in the home where Copper wouldn’t ‘work’. A diverse set of uses and a versatility we have come to love means the metal is as good for your bathtub as it is the dining table.

The metal’s durability (see what we did there?) is another cause for applause. Having taken the Dulux gong at the end of 2014, the trend continues to grow and survive, suggesting that it may yet be around for a while, dwarfing the length of other trends in, for example, Stainless Steel or Zinc.

Copper’s collection of core traits is clear. The question you have to ask is - will it work for me? If you’re a little unsure on its suitability to your living space, or would prefer to water its effect down slightly, there’s one simple solution. Use copper not on its own, but instead alongside other accessories, experimenting and, eventually, striking a balance which works for you.

How long will we see the metal continue its reign in the home? That remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure - Copper is never away for long.

With us, you decide on the elements that make up your new living space. It’s your home, we just help create it. We’re here to help you make your vision for your new bespoke home a reality.

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