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Q&A with the newest residents of West Hill, Willerby


Anyone who’s moved house knows that it isn’t always easy, but at Beal Homes, we like to think we make it as easy (and even enjoyable) as possible. We caught up with homeowners Laura and Liam to see how they found the process of buying their new family home in West Hill, Willerby.

Here’s what they had to say about their Beal experience…

Q. What were your main reasons for choosing our West Hill Development?

A. We’ve moved from the East of the city to the West, and the location is just perfect. The development has a suburban, family-oriented feel so it’s ideal for us having a two year old! It’s also really easy to get into neighbouring villages and towns with the A63 close by. Plus, there are plenty of great local schools around for when it’s time for our little boy to start school!

Q. What made you choose a new home over a pre-loved home?

A. Because we have a busy lifestyle, we wanted the ease of everything being brand new, and knowing we wouldn’t have to do any real work to it as it would be designed bespoke for us. We liked the idea that we could move in with our new furniture and enjoy it straight away.

Q. Which house type and upgrades did you choose to go for?

A. We went for a Haxby because we liked the overall layout and the fact it was detached too. The four bedrooms mean it’s spacious enough for our family and for any guests to come and stay, and we loved the feature bay window in the lounge. Plus, it’s lovely having the French doors open to the garden when the weather's nice!

We chose to upgrade the garage so that it became an extension of the kitchen, opening it up to become a more open plan social area, and we added add bi-folding doors and a full length window onto the back of the house from the kitchen into the garden. We also customised the fireplace in the living room and had floating shelves built in to create a feature wall.

Q. Describe the selections studio experience.

A. Amazing! We had the full day to design and tailor our house, which was such a useful and exciting experience. We had the selections studio all to ourselves, and the one-on-one service made it very personal, which is exactly what you want when making a big purchase! Steve let us get creative and was good at capturing our ideas and advising on what would work well. Although we made a lot of changes as part of the selections studio process, not many of them actually upped the cost! We were very impressed by the number of extras which were included.

Q. How did you find the customer service?

A. Seamless really! There was always someone on the other end of the phone to answer any questions we had, and when we put together our snagging list, everything was sorted so quickly and without a fuss.

Q. Did you choose to use any of our Home Exchange services?

A. We used the Smooth Move Scheme, which definitely delivered on its promise of making it easier for us to move house quickly. It took a lot of the stress away and meant we didn’t need to worry about selling our property before purchasing our Beal home!


We had the selections studio all to ourselves, and the one-on-one service made it very personal, which is exactly what you want.

Q. What was your favourite part of the experience?

A. The selections day and getting to see all our choices on our very own home demo. When you look round a house, I think you know you’ve got the right one when you can imagine yourselves living there - cooking in the kitchen, cosying up on the sofa, sitting out in the garden etc. The selections studio helps you imagine all that even further, and it was so exciting seeing it all come together.

Q. Would you recommend Beal Homes to your family & friends?

A. Absolutely! We already have a couple of friends that will be moving into the development so that’ll be lovely. I think it’s quite important to have that community feel. Everything you need for family living is just a stone’s throw away - supermarkets, schools, things to do at the weekends - and it feels a very safe neighbourhood.

Q. On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you to move in and what’s the first thing you’ll be setting up?

A. Definitely 10!

We set up Teddy’s bedroom first. We paid extra to have it all painted, and wall stickers put up and matching bedding. We wanted it to be all ready so that he could walk straight in to his new room for the first time and it all be done. He was so excited!

Buying a new home is a momentous occasion in life. That’s why we believe the homebuying process should be enjoyable in itself.

Whether you use ‘Help To Buy’ as a first time buyer, ‘Part-Exchange’ or ‘Smooth Move’ to get the ball rolling, or our ‘Design and Build’ service to create a home that’s bespoke to you, our mission is to make buying your dream home as easy, seamless and exciting as possible.

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