Pupils turn big ideas into mini models as Beal project unlocks creative talent


​The artworks were unveiled at an exhibition at Welton Primary School.

Pupils from an East Yorkshire school have created tiny fantasy houses as part of an arts project to turn the homes of their dreams into miniature-sized reality.

The project – called Little Big House – saw pupils from Welton Primary School design and build tiny model homes inspired by extraordinary building designs from around the world and from their own imaginations.

Twelve project “ambassadors” gathered ideas from every pupil at the school and brought the best concepts to life using a range of materials, including cardboard, pebbles and papier mâché.

Ranging from palm tree pods to floating riverboats and homes with slides, the models were created by the children aged between seven and 11 as part of the project commissioned by family-owned housebuilder Beal Homes.

Above: Beal Homes’ Chairman and Managing Director Richard Beal with budding “architects and builders” from Welton Primary School.

The artworks were unveiled to parents, teachers and Beal Homes’ Chairman and Managing Director Richard Beal at an exhibition showcasing the mini-models.

East Yorkshire-based Beal established a relationship with the school as a result of the housebuilder’s nearby Turpin’s Heath development, off Common Lane, Welton, and commissioned the project to unlock the pupils’ creative talents and to promote teamwork and collaboration.

Mr Beal said: “We want to say a big well done to all the children involved in the Little Big House project.

“They’ve shown such imagination coming up with all the ideas for different types of homes, from the external designs to the interiors, as well as considering other factors such as wildlife, trees and vegetation.

“Hopefully this project will inspire our architects and builders of tomorrow.”

Above: Richard Beal admires some of the mini models from the Little Big House arts project.

Elaine Burke, Beal Homes' Community Engagement Consultant, said: “Little Big House has turned pupils at Welton Primary School into mini designers.

“The children worked with lead artist Simon Crook and got hands on, inspired by extraordinary building designs. They consulted with other pupils about their concepts and created mini-models of their own amazing buildings.

“We are so proud to have worked with the children and staff of Welton Primary School on this wonderful project.”

Simon Crook, lead artist on the Little Big House project, said: “It’s brilliant seeing all of the finished designs on display. The children worked so hard on the construction of the models and tried to stay true to the original designs.

“What stood out is how they really worked together to get to this point and showed such empathy to help each other.”

Above: One of the mini-models forming part of the Little Big House exhibition