Optimising Garage Space

Interior Design

With less people using garages to store vehicles, we take a look at the creative ways you can use this extra space to benefit you and your family.

Just 22% of people park their cars in their garage, a new study suggests. As well as that, over 3.9 million garages have been converted into extra living space in the last two decades.

The extra room that your garage provides can make life easier and even add a touch of luxury to your home.

Below we share 7 creative and useful ways to use a garage space:

1. Office

For the self-employed, a home office separate from family life can be a blessing. Your garage can be easily be transformed into an at-home office space. You will be able to keep the atmosphere purely work-related by escaping home comforts and your family.

2. Child's play room

If your garage is going unused and you find yourself tripping over piles of toys, consider transforming the space into a child-friendly play area. Once your garage is child-proofed you’ll have a great space for your kids to escape to wreak havoc, instead of in your home!

3. Home gym

Invest in some basic home gym equipment (easily found at low costs online) and see a saving each and every month. Gym memberships can become quite the investment over time so why not put this money into creating your very own private gym. No longer will you be queuing for the treadmill, you’ll have your gym built to your desired requirements and it’ll be in your home ready to use at any time of day.

4. Hobby space

Whether you’re already invested in a hobby or if you’re looking to discover something new to do with your spare time, a garage can be the perfect space to store what you need.

5. At home bar area

More and more people are creating their very own at home pubs. This extra space can cut costs for you and your friends when you’re wanting to socialise.

6. Home theatre

The large space of a garage means there’s plenty of room for seating space, ideal for an at home theatre. Project films on to one of the walls to create a huge cinema screen! If you’d like to indulge in your love for film, speak to our team about your options to incorporate the tech into the build, we may even be able to make your dream of a ‘smarthome’ a possibility.

7. Storage Space

With less people storing vehicles in their garages, they are using the room as extra storage space. However, how many of us actually know what is in our garage? How much unnecessary junk are you keeping hold of? Rediscover the potential for this extra space by organising the contents of your garage and storing your niknaks so they’re quick and easy to find. Who knows, you may be able to fit your car in there after all!

There you have it, our top 7 ways to utilise your garage space. If any of these ideas appeal to you why not have a chat with our team when you purchase your Beal home? If your plot isn’t past build stage, then we will be able to help and advise you in your decision making and transform your garage space for you.

*If you’re looking to completely transform your garage and add extra living space to your home, whether it be a kitchen extension, second bathroom or small apartment, you may need to contact your local authority for planning permission.