Making the Most of Your Garden This Summer

Interior Design

We share our top ways to enjoy your garden during the warm Summer months...

It’s official - Summer is here. No, really. Ignore the inevitable, but still disappointing weather which is visible from the window of both your bedroom and office, the Summer Solstice, dubbed “the longest day of the year”, has been and gone - which means we are now officially in the season.

It’s time to ask some serious questions. How can you make the most of the Summer? Or, more specifically, how can you make the most of the Summer in your garden? It’s a chance to spend your evenings and time off outside for a change - so how can you make sure you get everything you dream of from the outdoors? 

  1. Host a garden party: depending on the size of your garden, a gathering underneath the sunshine is always popular - whether it’s to throw your home open to your neighbours, or to invite the family around for a barbecue. (TOP TIP: rain ponchos or a gazebo could be a good shout!)
  2. Buy outdoor furniture: the ‘rattan’ furniture trend is fast-becoming a consistent choice across the country, with many offering a waterproof surface to avoid damage from the often *ahem* questionable British weather.
  3. Have a night under the ‘stars’: stylishly decorated fairy lights often make for a magical scene across your garden - particularly when it gets darker. Invite your friends around for a ‘night under the stars’, sing campfire songs, toast marshmallows - lovely.
  4. Invest in beautiful blooms: a flourishing garden full of bright flowers will instantly add a sparkle to your day. Look for plants that can handle the varying weather the British Summer brings, such as roses and fuschia’s. Don’t forget about your lawn! Apply fertiliser now to ensure your lawn is luscious throughout Summer, and keep it trim with a lawnmower once a week. Of course if gardening isn't your thing, you could opt for a low maintenance option and install astroturf in your garden.
  5. Enjoy a family picnic: Take your meals outdoors! A quick, cheap and fun way to enjoy the long Summer days. Dust off the garden furniture or throw down a blanket and enjoy the outdoors.
  6. Install a firepit: Toast marshmallows with the family or watch the sun go down with flames flickering nearby. Firepits are now widely available and come in all shapes and sizes, the best part is that they’re not permanent so they can be stored away when the wet weather rears its ugly head.

There we have it - six ‘must do’ items for your Summer Garden list.

Have a great Summer!