Get cosy for Christmas


The weather outside may be frightful, but who cares when you get to be warm and cosy indoors? Here are our top tips for creating a welcoming feel in your home this Christmas...

Create warmth

Winter is a time for curling up on the sofa and snuggling down with your favourite films for evenings of total comfort. What better way to do that then with a chunky throw? Bang on trend and super cosy, find one that looks amazing with your decor so you can have it draped across the back of your sofa, ready to grab whenever you want to go into hibernation mode.

Christmas conjures up images of warming by a roaring fire, so don’t forget to get that going too! Don’t fancy the hassle of firewood or coal? Companies such as Dimplex produce a range of extremely convincing faux fireplaces which kick out some serious heat and look amazing.


It’s all in the details

Your home is somewhere you should enjoy spending time in, so make sure you fill it with things that make you happy - be it art, plants and flowers or pictures of fun times with your loved ones.

Harsh lighting can be a real atmosphere killer, so invest in some soft lamps or a dimmer switch, and when choosing lights for your Christmas tree, opt for ‘warm white’ rather than standard white for a softer glow.


Say goodbye to clutter

Over the years, we accumulate more and more ‘stuff’ in our homes. Once we start running out of cupboard space and places to store things, our homes can start to feel cluttered and look messy, making it very difficult to feel relaxed and cosy!

Not only is having a really good clear out super satisfying, but it’s an opportunity to streamline our possessions. Be absolutely ruthless - if it isn’t useful to you on a regular basis or you don’t find it beautiful, get rid. Not only will this free up lots of space in your house, but it will allow you to find the things you do want more easily. Plus, you could sell whatever you don’t want to earn some extra cash in time for Christmas, or donate you things to charity so that someone else can enjoy them!

The result? A clutter-free home with lots of space for you to display your lovely Christmas gifts.


Festive fragrances

Finally, nothing says Christmas quite like some scented candles! Yankee Candle are the masters of obscure Christmas scents such as ‘Crackling Wood Fire’, but if you prefer a more natural alternative, the Lymm Candle Company create hand-crafted candles from soy wax and organic essential oils. Their Kringleberry candle is pure Christmas in a jar, with scents of juicy vine fruits, cranberry, cognac and cinnamon, and a wooden wick so you can hear it crackling as it burns!


Now all that’s left to do is get your comfiest PJs on, gather tasty snacks and settle down in front of Home Alone! Have a cosy Christmas, from all at Beal Homes.