Buying a new build home vs an old home

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Is it time for you to make the switch to a brand new home?

A new home brings with it many benefits and in this blog post we explore why making the move into a brand new home could be one of the best decisions you ever make ...

Designed for modern living

Over time, the way in which we use our homes has changed. Socialising at home is now more important than ever to homeowners, which is why our homes have been mindfully designed to create great entertaining spaces and large open plan living areas. You’ll find that a new build home features more usable spaces suited to modern life than older houses do, as they were designed for a more traditional way of living.

Easy to customise and make your own

We go the extra mile at Beal to allow you to customise your home so it can reflect who you are and how you live. You can decide on the elements that make up your home to create spaces that suit your lifestyle perfectly. Move a door? Take out a wall? Install home technology? We’ve got you covered. Whatever your vision for your new home, we’ll help make it happen for you before you move in, which isn’t something you can achieve with an old home.

Low effort - ready to move straight in

Whether you’re buying your first home, moving further up the property ladder or downsizing, a move is always exciting. The great thing about a new build home is that you can move straight in, whereas older houses can require a bit of work to make the space liveable. New build homes are a blank canvas and you won’t have to deal with any previous owners’ DIY disasters!

Fewer repairs

As well as new build homes being ready to move straight in, there’s also less ongoing maintenance involved. Older houses can be more difficult to keep in good condition, but with a new build home, you can expect no major repair bills or replacement costs for years to come. Plus - rest assured that all of our homes include a 2 year build warranty!

Green living - save some money

Advanced construction means that there are higher levels of insulation and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. This means you don’t have to spend as much on your bills and your environmental footprint will benefit too - all of our homes have at least a Level B EPC rating. You can even benefit from a smart meter from day one to monitor your energy consumption throughout with month.


When you buy on a new development, your neighbours are all in the same boat and a great community-feel evolves as you all take pride in your new homes!

Time for an upgrade? Why not take advantage of our special part exchange offer this month? During April 2016 only ...

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