The Beal promise

We do everything we can to help your experience of buying and moving into your new Beal home a happy one.

We promise to...

Always strive to improve the service and quality we give you

We’re always looking for ways to improve everything we do, whether that’s sourcing the latest technology or using the best quality materials. Your Beal home is checked at each stage of construction to guarantee the end result is a home we’re proud to hand over to you.

Keep our marketing and advertising clear and truthful

We reassess the clarity and accuracy of our marketing literature and information. We aim to ensure our sales literature reflects the end product and complies with the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991.

Help you make an informed decision about buying a new Beal Home

You’ll be given advice and information throughout the whole house buying process to help you make an informed decision. This includes:

  • A written reservation agreement setting out the terms of sale, including the price
  • Details of your new home, such as the layout, appearance and plot position
  • Floor plans showing approximate room sizes.
  • Specification of the home, including fixtures and fittings, and summary details of the type of construction
  • Details and cost estimates of any management service charges and organisations that you’ll be committed to

Help you choose and appoint your own independent professional legal adviser

They will deal with the legal formalities of buying your new home and represent your best interests in all aspects of the purchase transaction.

Keep you informed throughout the home buying process

We’ll keep in regular contact and advise you of both the legal and structural progress of your new home. 

When you reserve your new home, we’ll give you our best estimate of when it will be ready. This will depend on the construction stage of the house at that time. We’ll confirm your actual moving-in date when we receive the Warranty Provider Cover Note. At this point, your legal adviser will be given formal notice to legally complete your purchase within 10 working days. Then we invite you to an inspection and demonstration of your new home before you move in.

Give professional help and advice with choices and options available to you

Our experienced in-house Customer Service Team will give you all the guidance and advice you need to help you make your personal choices from the selections and options available.

When you reserve your new Beal home, we invite you to our Customer Selection Centre where you can choose the fixtures and fittings to personalise your house. What choices are available will depend on the stage of construction of your new home when you reserve.

Make you aware of health and safety precautions

The safety of our staff and visitors is something we take very seriously. So it’s essential that everyone on our sites follow our strict Health and Safety Policy at all times. This states that:

  • Unaccompanied visits to construction areas are not allowed at any time for any reason
  • You can only gain access to construction areas by arranging an appointment beforehand through your Sales Executive
  • When visiting construction areas, you must wear a safety helmet and any other protective equipment provided at all times
  • Children must be kept under control at all times and aren’t allowed to enter any of the construction areas

Offer savings on the purchase of any future Beal Home

We’ll send you a Loyalty Discount Entitlement Certificate soon after you move in. This entitles you to a generous discount against any future purchase of a new Beal home.

To claim your loyalty discount, you just need to produce the certificate when you reserve your next Beal home.

Give you accurate and reliable information on the NHBC 10 Year Buildmark warranty and manufacturers' warranties

Buildmark is the UK’s leading new home warranty and insurance cover from NHBC. Designed to protect owners of newly built or converted residential houses, it covers the cost of putting right damage and defects to your house for up to 10 years.

You can find out more over on the Buildmark website or download their booklet here.

Explain your new home and give you a full demonstration before you move in

Before the legal completion of your new home, we invite you to a full Property Demonstration with our dedicated Home Demonstrator.

Customer demonstration

During this appointment, our dedicated Home Demonstrator will give you a full demonstration of your home to help you understand the basics of how to run it. Some of things we’ll cover include:

  • Boiler, hot water and heating system
  • Mains services, meters, consumer unit and location of stop cock
  • Appliances
  • Alarm Systems
  • Fire and surround
  • Ventilation and the extractor fan systems
  • Landscaping

To make sure everything is explained to you in full, we’ll complete a form during the demonstration. You’ll get a copy of this at the end.

After the demonstration, our Sales Executive contact you to explain to you the probable completion date and what will happen on the day of the final handover.

Legal completion

On the day of legal completion of your new home and when you come to pick up your keys, you’ll fill out a Legal Completion Form. Our Sales Executive will walk you around the property and make sure all items identified on your Customer Inspection Form have been completed to your satisfaction.

All main service meters will be read, and the keys noted and handed over to you. You’ll also get a copy of the Legal Completion Form, as well as your own Home File which explains how to ‘run in’ your new home.

Please note: we ask that, during the final handover, you pay particular attention to the sanitary ware, wall tiling, glassware in doors and windows, kitchen appliances, work surfaces, sinks, fires and surrounds to ensure there’s not been any damage since you carried out your customer inspection. Beal Homes can’t be held responsible for any damage identified after legal completion.

Provide you with a personal Home File

You’ll be given your own Home File at your legal completion appointment. This has details of your new home, including how to ‘run in’ a new property together with copies of all appliance guarantees, warranties and user manuals.

Give industry-leading levels of after-sales customer service

We believe in building a special relationship with our customers. Our dedicated Customer Services Team will not only be your point of contact when you make the initial choices for your new home, but will be here to help during and after you move in.

Immediately after you move into your new home, we ask you to study your Home File. This explains how to ‘run in’ your new home and how to report any defects now and in the future. Items not covered and deemed as wear and tear are clearly detailed in this file for your information.

If you need to report any problems, here’s how to get in touch with us:

Emergency requests

Do you have an electrical or plumbing failure, or a problem that needs urgent attention? Please call freephone 0800 612 1216.

Non-emergency requests

Please email David Rowe at

Or write to:
David Rowe, Head of Quality and Customer Services
Beal Homes,
Holderness House,
Bridgehead Business Park,
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU13 0DH

If you’re not completely satisfied with the way we have handled a request or complaint, please write to the Chairman and Managing Director, Mr R L Beal.

The request or complaint will be discussed and fully investigated with senior management before a response is formally given, normally within one working week depending upon information required.

Should our Complaints Handling Procedures fail to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, as a home buyer you may refer your complaint to the NHBC as the Warranty Provider for your new home. Where appropriate, you may take your complaint to the Customer Care Independent Dispute Resolution Scheme.

You can find out more about the Consumer Code for Home Builders here.