Interior Design trends 2014

Interior design trends for 2014

Interior Design

With 2013 coming to a close, now is the perfect time to showcase the interior design trends for 2014.

The big colour trend for spring 2014 is mixing traditional with modern by pairing soft pastels with vivid bright colours. The colour palate set to be popular includes yellow, blue, violet and orange. Try something a little bit bolder in the New Year and pick a colour that will make you feel energised.

Pattern is still going to be big in spring 2014, but it has moved from floral and bird prints to vintage patterns and chintzy designs. Apparently your grandma’s old pattern throws and curtains will be perfect. The big and bold patterns like zigzags and stripes will be a big hit, you can use wallpaper, curtains or even sofas to help you achieve the look you want.

The next big trend for 2014 is ethnic fabrics and accessories. Think tribal print throws, brown cream and orange cushions, wooden masks to hang on the wall. So keep an eye out on your travels for some ethnic pieces.

The minimal look and feel is definitely going to be popular next year; the feel of an airy space will be in demand. Get ready to have a clear out and embrace the space, not only will the de-clutter make your rooms look modern and minimal but it will make you feel great.

2014 will see the sense of touch make an appearance, in the form of textured fabrics. Amongst the mix will be things like sheepskin, silk, suede, thick knits and cord materials. These can come in many different forms; cushions, rugs, blankets, curtains and even textured wallpaper.

The home made goods will be staying strong again next year, however it will be more high level crafts and more refined skill sets being used. Get out your knitting needles and sewing machines and get practicing, there are lots of guides and patterns for you to follow to create your own home-made gems.

If you’re moving into a new Beal home in 2014, don’t forget that as part of the selection process you can choose your wall paint colours for each room – the perfect way to incorporate next year’s colour trends!

Happy decorating!